I used to think that I would be someone other than myself as an adult. I found out that I’m still me inside my head.

Let me preface this by saying that if you are who you thought you would be as child, there is no need to read any further–you just won’t understand. Let me also just say that if the first does not apply and you still don’t understand, I apologize, there is no excuse.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re going through your work day like every other respectable adult and suddenly get the urge to get  up and run screaming through the room– like you did when you were a kid–just for the fun of it?


You’re typing away at your computer, doing whatever it is that you do while actually being productive at work, and you wonder if this is what the adults in your life felt like when you were a kid? Or every generation of adults for that matter?


You come home so exhausted from work that you order a pizza for delivery–because there is no possible way you have the energy to even consider the idea of cooking (and yes, according to those around me, if assembly is required it is still cooking, so that bowl of cereal you made last night–congratulations master chef!) and instead of enjoying the spicy sauce, gooey cheese, and vegetabely goodness you simply cut off and eat the cheese filled crust? No? So that was just me last night? Great.


Chocolate cake and ice cream for breakfast anyone?

Okay admit it–you still get those childish or if you prefer child-like urges. What are yours? Don’t worry this is a completely safe place to post your most embarrassing thoughts. I promise (fingers crossed behind my back) your co-workers will never get wind of this, it’s the internet so if it’s private it stays private right? Tell  me yours!


6 thoughts on “I used to think that I would be someone other than myself as an adult. I found out that I’m still me inside my head.

  1. Yi Shun says:

    I throw tantrums. But only in front of my dog. And okay, maybe my husband.

    • mheathera says:

      I made a pact with my cat a long time ago. She keeps quiet about my tantrums and spurts of intense hyperactivity if I keep quiet about her love of mice. . . oops.

  2. Burt says:

    Heather, you make me laugh! I like to play with Charlie and be as silly as a three year old.

  3. I don’t think I ever thought much past 17, and inside I still feel like I’m about that old, except that pretty soon my own kids are going to be teenagers. My grandma once told my mom, “I keep looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘Who is that old woman?'” I understand that more every day.

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